8 Jan 2014

My New Room

It's been a while since I have made a blog post, it's not that I've been doing a lot it's more that I've been loving doing absolutely nothing so much that even making a blogpost is too much of an effort. I really need to get out of my little rut of only watching One Tree Hill, working and sleeping and do something a bit more productive and fulfilling with my time, perhaps I should simply read the Harry Potter Series again for the hundredth time.

However there is one thing I have managed to accomplish during my beautiful holiday time and that is re-doing my room. Before there was a violent aqua feature wall and oodles of stuff that I thought was cool at the time of purchase - not so cool anymore, so of course that all had to go - and what better time to start fresh straight after finishing high school! I leapt at the first opportunity to cover up that awful wall with some lovely white paint and from there everything snowballed into action. When I am determined to get something done there is absolutely no stopping me. To save some of my precious pennies I opted for some DIY's including the tassel garland and macrame hanging planter which I believe paid off because I think they both look incredibly cute! A trip to Ikea was also a necessity (another way of saving those precious pennies) where I picked myself up my new floating bookshelf, a nice pot for the planter, a faux sheepskin and a white throw for the end of my bed. Prior to re-doing my room I had been eyeing off a blue chair from Matt Blatt and of course I bought it because I couldn't resist. After a whirlwind two days of painting, decorating and crafting I had to wait for Christmas day until the room could be completely finished as the one and only Santa was bringing me that awesome Kip & Co bedspread - absolutely to die for!

Once Christmas day came I was finally feeling content and at peace with my room once again, however, I think it still needs a super wonderful Rachel Castle silver metallic cushion to finish it off - a birthday present perhaps! I won't lie to you, the main reason I took all these photos of my room is so I could submit them to Teen Lair - a super awesome tumblr where people all over the world submit images of their bedrooms (if you're a snoop like me I can guarantee you'll be scrolling for hours). So yes, here are few snaps from around my room.

-Zoe x


  1. Your room is so beautiful! I am totally lusting over everything! All your hard work definitely paid off because it looks perfect.

    1. Thank you so much Sam, that's really kind!!

  2. Brilliant. Loving the DIY decor and how beautifully organised everything is.

  3. Oh your room is wonderful! I especially love the paper garland and the Campbell soup tins lined up- what a lovely and individual idea :) I just found your blog and I love it (your name is pretty cool too haha) ;) xx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! You've given me fantastic inspiration for room decor - love your garland and hanging plant pot especially xo

  5. ah your room is so pretty! i love it! :)

  6. I'm in love with all your posts (and I absolutely adore these photos!) :)

  7. Your room is absolutely perfect !