30 Oct 2013

I'm Redoing My Room!

Hi everyone, it's been ages since I've made one of these blogposts but I've just had so much going on. I've been studying my butt off for year twelve, I've graduated and for some everything has just been super crazy. It's officially exam season where I am and I wish anyone else that's sitting them the best of luck for them too!

I had my first exam today, English and it's such a relief it's over so to give my mind a break I've decided to write a blogspot post while I wait for Ja'mie to come on (if you haven't seen it, it's a must). Over the past week or so while I've been procrastinating from study I've had an epiphany that I want to completely redo my bedroom. There's really nothing wrong with it at the moment (you can see a few old photos of it here if you like), but I'm just getting really tired of it and I kind of feel like I've grown out of the shocking Tiffany blue wall and everything else.

When I approached mum with my idea of redoing my room I was sort of her expecting her to be all "there's nothing wrong with your room", "don't be so ridiculous" but she surprised me (I don't if it's because of exams and everything but she's been so nice to me lately and it's weird) and came out with a "yeah of course!"and nearly blew my socks off. So as soon as exams are over (Wednesday week come at me!) the very first thing I'm going to do is repaint with white and completely remove everything that's on the walls - a nice clean slate!

Now the star of my show is going to be this goooorgeous bedspread that I stumbled upon on my many internet adventures. It's from Kip&Co and is pretty pricey at $209 but I honestly think it's worth every cent, plus it's the kind of thing that I will use and admire everyday.

Croc Pastel Quilt Cover (source)

I'm not 100% sure on this just yet but I am also looking at getting a couple of velvet pillow cases from Castle & Things. They're super cute (and a little expensive) but I'm not completely sure if they'll match the bedspread to my liking.

Blue Velvet Pillow Case (source)

At the moment my desk chair is a little Ikea stool as it's the only one that can be stashed away into my mirrored desk/wardrobe, however, for studying it's horrible, I never even bother studying there because it's so uncomfortable. So to combat this very, very serious issue I decided I needed a chair that was not only practical but one that looked great so I could always be on display in the corner of my room. After some serious internet adventuring I felt defeated, it's a fact that 99.99999% of chairs are either butt ugly or ridiculously expensive. However I eventually landed at Matt Blatt, the holy grail of great chairs. Can a chair be a soulmate because I think I've found it!  I'm going to get this one below, ain't it super fabulous? (and super cheap at $69) Although I can't choose what colour, the light blue or the teal - help a gal out!!

Matt Blatt Replica Eames: Teal (source)
Matt Blatt Replica Eames: Light Blue (source)

To chuck on the chair to jazz it up a bit I'm planning on nabbing myself a faux sheepskin from Ikea, as they're super cheap at $20 and super cute.

Ikea Tejn Faux Sheepskin (source)

To replace my current bookshelf that has been damaged by a couple of floods that we've had I'm going to grab myself a couple of wall mounted shelves from Ikea as they're pretty cheap and practical. I'm leaning towards getting the white ones with the wooden brackets to tie in with the chair but I'm also considering getting completely wooden ones too, what do you think?

Ikea Ekby Östen (source)

Ikea Ekby Järpen (source)

Now I'm going to go all crafty on you, I have forever loved Confetti System's paper garlands, they are unbelievably cute and magical! However, I'm not too keen on forking out a fortune for something that I can easily make myself (as I will have oodles of time after exams). A bit of Googling led me to this fantastic tutorial video and to make the garland is even easier than I thought! And by doing it myself I'll be able to choose the colour I want too, obviously I'll go with the same colour palette as the bedspread.

Confetti System Tissue Garland (source)

If it was a perfect world I'd have oodles of money to splurge on an awesome framed artwork to hang on the walls, perhaps something by Kirra Jamison but you know you've got to dream about something! I'd also love the little addition of a siamese fighting fish, they are so cool and I've always wanted one, so fingers crossed! Again, sorry about the lack of posts but I'll be back up and running in no time. - Zoe x

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